The Kitchen

The Kitchen the birthplace of every cuisine, the cradle of every masterpiece of food, the battle field of every cook, the amazing world of its own and the place where the mysteries of spices, vegetables, meat, condiments and other items gets unfolded.

The basic of every person is food, clothing and shelter, where food comes first and the basic necessity for every person to survive. The Kitchen is the place where man first started to see heaven on earth. It is the quest to venture into new foods that led to most of the expeditions. The food trade is oldest trade man knows. It is spices of the east that brought the imperialism. In the modern world, food plays an important role in every person’s life, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, entertainment or daily sustenance.

The Kitchen nowadays has grown tremendously with all the new equipment’s and labour saving devices, but it is still the skill of the Chef that ultimately determines the outcome of our endeavours!



” Dessert is like a Feel-Good song
                 and the best will make you dance”


A few of the sweet items and pastry buffets and displays that have been taken through the recent years which have been produced by my pastry teams. These pictures are an overview of just part of the daily production that happens within the pastry and bakery department of a hotel, although sometimes you get to spend time to come up with quite fantastic creations for special events, such as Christmas and New Year. Other cakes shown here have been made as per the request of the guest as a special birthday cake or celebration cake! Either way, I hope that you enjoy browsing through these creations! They are all a result of hard work and dedication of my staff, mostly their own ideas with just a little guidance here and there on my part thrown in.



” Choosing Progress over Perfection “


A few of the food photographs that have been taken through the recent years are here There is a growing clientele that has come to appreciate the Indian, European or Asian dishes that are being produced according to their authentic recipes, with quality ingredients and by Chefs and their helpers who are interested in only striving for the best. I do not make an idle boast in stating that my Indian Chefs can hold their heads high and are becoming equal with their contemporaries overseas in running a line kitchen and handling high volume individual pan and sauce dish creations! These pictures will give you a sample of some of the dishes and buffets that have been produced over the years by various teams in different hotels, and showcase some of the work we do on a daily basis!